IAM – the core of any IT-platform

Controlling access is a cornerstone for any organization, be it from a business or compliance perspective. Indeed ecommerce, ebusiness, egovernment are all impossible without knowing who the person is who is accessing your services. Indeed topics like data & privacy protection are impossible without proper control of access up to a level of “need to know”.  It is for a reason that the topic 'access control' is basicly in every relevant security best practice or standard. Access control is a key topic in ISO2700x, in NIST, in PCI, etc, etc.  With the coming of the European Trust Regulation we are even upping the game towards reliable/trustworthy eIdenties and cross-border authentication. Some organizations consider IAM and/or eIdentity so vital that they even have a chief IAM- or eIdentity-officer.

The question is whether we already understand IAM fully and whether your organization has a full and mature IAM-strategy?  Furthermore there is the technical / architectural challenge of combining new technologies and old technologies.  At the same time people want to have user-friendly and convenient solutions and we get warned every day that simple passwords are no longer enough and strong authentication is a must.  As if this is not enough, we get specific questions in the area of privileged user access and compliance monitoring…. And just when you thought you tackled it there comes a new challenge called the cloud…. And you need to start wondering what privileged user access and compliance management mean in the cloud.

This year’s core subjects

  • Authentication-strategies and -solutions
  • Authorisation management (RBAC vs ABAC)
  • Web- and APII-Authorisation enforcement
  • Priviliged Access Management
  • Federation strategies and solutions
  • Cloud Access Security Bokers
  • Logging and Audit Trailing
  • Compliance management & monitoring

Target group

The congress focuses on a senior level audience of end users (senior managers and specialists) who want to stay up to date on relevant trends and developments and know the importance of ongoing investment in IAM solutions.

  • CIO’s
  • CTO’s
  • ICT-managers
  • security officers
  • security managers
  • program/project managers
  • IT-architects 


Why should you attend?

  • Why should I attend as CIO:  eIdentity and access control are the foundation of your IT-landscape.  Access by employees, partners,  customer is vital. So keeping up-to-date on the latest trends in the area is also vital.
  • Why should I attend as CISO: GDPR is just one of the topics which require solid access control throughout your organisation’s landscape. The solutions at hand / the key trends are vital to be aware of.
  • Why should I attend as IT-architect:  as an IT architect you need to embed eIdentity, eAuthentication and access controls into your organisation’s IT-landscape. You can only do this with a thorough understanding of the technologies/solutions and the related trends.
  • Why should I attend as auditors/program manager:  understanding what is possible in this area and how it can be used in projects, in the area of compliance is key for you. Hence it is highly recommended to get a direct view on what is happening in this area…