We proudly present our first keynote speaker Colin Wallis

After chairman Erik R. van Zuuren, we are proud to present you the first keynote of the Identity & Access Management conference Belgium, Colin Wallis.

About Colin Wallis

Colin is the co-founder of Kantara Initiative Europe, and Executive Director of the Kantara Initiative Inc, the globally acknowledged thought leader and emerging practice resource centre for federated digital identity, user-controlled access and consent-based information sharing.

Colin's combined public and private sector background in online identity and privacy builds on 15 years of contribution to international standards and consortia. Alongside his contracts with Kantara and his previous employer, Colin maintains leadership positions in the US Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG), OECD Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) and ISO SC27 Security Techniques on topics around Information Security, Privacy and Trusted Identity.

Federation and trust in the online world

The absence of 'face to face' contact in the online world is generally accepted as a contributor to increased fraud and other anti-social behaviour on the web, even when that physical contact had no additional constraints such as contracts. This session will explore the business, legal and technical components of trust - and by extension, federation - together with the emerging role of ethics in the debate, as we seek a fairer, safer and more secure experience in our digital activities.   

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